Created: 2012-03-25 01:22
Updated: 2019-01-08 00:24

Sublime CTags PHP

This Sublime Text 2 Package provides cool stuff for PHP 5.3+ coding session.

Sublime Text 3 support

This plugin will NOT work in Sublime Text 3 !

I've made a new plugin which use the built-in index instead of ctags. Take a look at SublimePHPCompanion. This new plugin is even better as it sort the use in your classes.


Obviously, you NEED the CTags plugin for Sublime Text 2.


Search ctagphp in package control and you have done !

Or clone this repo in your Sublime Text 2 Package dir.

$ git clone


Two AWESOME features for the moment !


The first one is 'import use statement'. Just bring your cursor hover a class name, hit the F5 key (default but customizable) and that's it.

Based on the current file content, the use statement could be added in :

  • Below the last use statement
  • Below the namespace statement (with an empty line between both)
  • Below the php opening tag (with an empty line between both)


Just hit the F4 key, it will add the namespace definition based on the absolute filename of the current file. I use a simple trick to determine where the namespace begun, actually the namespace will start at the first CamelCased folder.

If a namespace is already declared, the command will shout how crazy you are in the status bar.

Warning: This feature require a filename so the command won't work in an unsaved buffer.

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