Created: 2012-03-24 22:38
Updated: 2019-01-30 03:30
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This is my library of stuff that I use when writing C++ programs, mostly for Android but it's all written to enable easy portability between Android, Linux, Windows and MacOSX. The code is part ugly, part inconsistent but quite useful.


  • JSON read/write (two libraries that should be made more similar)
  • basic OpenGL utility code, like compressed texture loading
  • 2D texture atlases and drawing code
  • ETC1 texture save/load support
  • basic logging
  • Really simple audio mixer with OGG sample support
  • RIFF file read/write
  • MIDI Input (only on Windows)


  • The associated tools to create ZIM texture files and atlases do not yet live here but I might move them here eventually.
  • This library is not really meant to be a public library but I see no reason not to set it free.
  • Note that the included VS project is probably not very useful for you and you're likely better off making your own.
  • Don't complain about inconsistent naming etc - this consists of code that has been cobbled together from a variety of my projects through the years. Fashions come and go.


This library, for my convenience, incorporates code from a variety of public domain or similarly-licensed code. This is the list:

  • glew (GL extension wrangler), MIT license. TODO: should just use a submodule.
  • rg_etc1. ZLIB license.
  • sha1, public domain implementation by Dominik Reichl
  • vjson in a heavily modified form, originally by Ivan Vashchaev (TODO: break out into its own repo?)
  • libzip with attribution "Copyright (C) 1999-2007 Dieter Baron and Thomas Klausner"
  • stb_vorbis, public domain by Sean Barrett of RAD Tools

If you're not okay with the licenses above, don't use this code.

I hereby release all code here not under the licenses above under the MIT license.


If you find this useful for your own projects, drop me a line at .

Henrik RydgÄrd

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