Created: 2012-03-24 22:18
Updated: 2018-11-24 15:42



Only for DLINK Firmware 2.03, help me to add support of new firmware 2.05


Copyleft Stefano Cudini 2012




This script is designed to run on a remote host than your NAS, but enabling ssh access to the NAS, eg using Fun Plug, you can copy the script into the NAS and run it from the command line via ssh or crond


  • php5-cli


  • php5-curl


Usage: pulse options [host[:port]]

       host                        hostname or ip target, default: pulse
       port                        http port number, default: 80

       -p,--p2p[=on|off]           get or set p2p client state
       -c,--p2p-clear              clear p2p complete list
       -l,--p2p-limit[=down[,up]]  get or set p2p speed limit, unlimit: -1
       -a,--p2p-auto[=on|off]      get or set p2p automatic download       
       -s,--p2p-start[=id,id,...]  start all or specific torrent download
       -o,--p2p-stop[=id,id,...]   stop all or specific torrent download
       -x,--p2p-delete[=id,id,...] delete specific torrent download       
       -D,--download[=url]         list or add url in http downloader
       -C,--download-clear         clear complete http downloads list
       -L,--download-list[=file]   add urls from file list
       -N,--nfs[=on|off]           get or set nfs service
       -F,--ftp[=on|off]           get or set ftp service
       -T,--temperature            get temperature inside device
       -A,--fan[=off|low|high]     get or set fan mode
       -u,--ups                    get ups state
       -t,--time                   get date and time of nas       
       -U,--usb                    get usb disk/flash info
       -M,--usb-umount             umount usb disk/flash
       -d,--disks                  get disks usage
       -S,--shutdown               power off system now
       -P,--shutdown-prog          get list schedule power off
       -R,--restart                restart system
       -O,--logout                 logout user admin from current host
       -f,--force                  force execute of comfirm command
       -q,--quiet                  quiet mode, suppress output
       -h,--help                   print this help

Output example p2p list:

$ ./pulse -p
	P2P: On
	 Speed:  64.2 KBps / 46.5 KBps
	 Limits: -1 KBps / 20 KBps
	 AutoDownload: Off
	 Torrents: 7
	  Download  38%   251.5MB of 661.9MB          0.0 / 1.6 KBps   #7  Elephants Dream BDRip...
	  Stopped   34%   138.6MB of 407.7MB          0.0 / 0.0 KBps   #5  Kubuntu Linux.iso 64b...
	  Stopped   29%      47MB of 1.45GB           0.0 / 0.0 KBps   #4  Sintel 2010 1080p Xvi...
	  Stopped   15%   261.1MB of 1.7GB            0.0 / 0.0 KBps   #1  PBig Buck Bunny 720p ...
	  Download  10%   153.6MB of 1.5GB   19h:4m  24.3 / 37.0 KBps  #3  Debian 6 0 i386 - CD1...
	  Download  5%     24.4MB of 658.0MB  4h:3m  37.8 / 1.2 KBps   #2  Debian 6 0 i386 - CD2...
	  Stopped   0%         0B of 710.0MB          0.0 / 0.0 KBps   #6  Debian 6 0 i386 - CD3...
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