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Updated: 2014-08-11 21:23

NZ Farm Forestry Association Website

This website uses Radiant CMS. For more information on Radiant, see:

Current Radiant version is: 1.0.1

Build Status


The NZFFA website source code is released under the MIT license and is copyright (c) 2011 NZFFA.

Development Installation

  1. Clone project from github at
  2. Fetch production data bundle exec rake sync
  3. Create symlinks bundle exec rake symlink

Running Cucumber Specs

cucumber features are in vendor/extentions/marketplace/features run with 'bundle exec cucumber' from vendor/extentions/marketplace


Install capistrano and extensions on your local machine:

gem install capistrano capistrano-ext

Deploy to staging or production server with:

cap staging deploy


cap production deploy


To access:


Contact Craig to get your public ssh key on that server first.

To update the staging server to match production

cd ~/staging/current
bundle exec rake sync RAILS_ENV=staging
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