Created: 2012-03-24 20:22
Updated: 2013-10-26 06:34


This Application is a simple Wedding Website written in Ruby on Rails

It features a simple CMS that requires all markup to be in HTML. The it also includes a simple login system that uses a user account created the first time you attempt to login.

Recently I've begun work on the last component which is a RSVP system integrated in for tracking whether your guests will be attending or not.

Project Setup

  1. To setup the project on your system, install the required gems
  2. When you perform your initial setup the code is designed to force you to create an account the first time you connect by going to /users/new


  • Presently this project uses Capistrano to perform the deployment. The current Deploy.rb is included as an examples, but it will need to be modified for your server.

How to setup the deployment environment

  • This application is designed to run on Ruby on Rails v3.2.9
  • It should be compatible with Ruby v1.8.7 and v1.9.3, however, I use v1.8 in all of my testing.
  • Monitoring services and logging.


The source code for this application is free to use for any purposes. I plan to move it under an official license soon, possibly MIT.

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