Created: 2012-03-24 19:58
Updated: 2013-10-09 16:10


Freebook is a simple script to convert freely available ebooks from html to mobi.

Disclaimer This is a personal project and there is still a lot to be done before this will be in a proper working order.


Existing books

If the book already has a .yaml file in the books directory, simply run ./ and the books title or the url of the index page as the first argument. For example

./freebook 'programming in lua' 

Adding a new book

Step 1 Add a .yaml file for your book with at least the following fields

url: <url to the table of content page>
author: <author>
title: <title>

To remove headers and footers that are not part of the book's content, you can specify the following

    <attribute1> : <value1>
    <attribute2> : <value2>

footer-tag: <tag>
    <attribute1> : <value1>
    <attribute2> : <value2>

Step 2 You also need to add an entry in 'books/catalog.yaml' to map command line arguments to the .yaml file for the new book.

Step 3 Send me a pull request. Someone else might want to read the book on their Kindle too.

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