Created: 2012-03-24 17:57
Updated: 2014-02-27 15:48

Whats this?

ClassWeaver is a proof of concept/explorative coding effort in order to demonstrate how AOP in PHP could be implemeneted by directly weaving class methods instead of subclassing and overriding the parent methods.

It´s mostly geared towards Symfony projects.

How does it work?

All of the magic is possible thanks to Nikic´s PHP Parser


  • you directly work with the "real" instance, not with some Proxy class – this can avoid conflicts with other libraries such as Doctrine which also create proxied subclasses
  • as less runtime cost as subclassing approach (as less as possible with AOP)
  • can speed up autoloading as the path to a weaved class is stored in a lookup map


  • very slow for large source trees when each and every class needs to be weaved
  • rather complicated
  • code is quite ugly at the moment
  • ...

Try it

In this repo a checkout of Symfony HttpKernel component is included via composer in order to see how ClassWeaver can work with a more complex/larger codebase.

When you cloned this repo and downloaded composer, do:

php composer.phar install
php bin/run.php

You should see some debug output which class files were processed by ClassWeaver and which class methods were intercepted.


  • I didnt do any more testing then run bin/run.php so its quite likely that ClassWeaver wont work with your codebase
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