Created: 2012-03-24 17:15
Updated: 2017-06-15 20:19


Popcorn.js Boilerplate

This is the simplest imaginable collection of files needed to get started with Popcorn.js.

Who is this for?

  • Beginner coders who want to learn to write Popcorn plugins and build interactive videos
  • Advanced coders who like to do everything from scratch, except a few repetitive bits

What's included

  • A boilerplate index.html file with room for a style sheet and references to the minimal necessary scripts
  • A blank script.js file. This is where you put your page logic
  • The latest release version of Popcorn.js
  • A few plugin boilerplate scripts. Use these as a starting point to write your Popcorn plugins (popcorn.baseTemplate.js is my favorite)
  • popcorn-base - a plugin wrapper designed to make it much, much easier to write great plugins


One very simple example is included that uses the very basic Words plugin. Words is intended as an example of how to build a simple, flexible and reusable Popcorn plugin.


Popcorn API Documentation


Popcorn.js source code (fork it!)



Plugin wrapper utility to make it much easier to build robust, reusable plugins


Popcorn Maker

A graphical interface to Popcorn.js


Popcorn Community

Need help? Wanna show off something you made? Check out the mailing list or chat on IRC. The community is friendly and helpful.



Seriously.js is made available under the MIT License.

Individual plugins may be licensed differently. Check source code comments.


Popcorn Boilerplate is created and maintained by Brian Chirls

Popcorn.js is the work of many dedicated developers and is supported by:


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