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TapChain is a application for children to create computer programs. TapChain is open source. Anyone can contribute to enhance TapChain.


As Inspiration strikes. TapChain's main goal is expressing children's inspiration as it is.

We want to express what we feel incredible to our beloved people. We want to express what we feel especially incredible to everybody. That's not adults' privileges, but children's. Children can express their own feelings to others by crying and laughing. Expressing feelings is our human instinct. Well, how we, adult, express our feelings?

We, adult, have learned many words and used languages. Languages are very useful to express our feelings. But languages are not universal. Whenever we choose the wrong words, everything turns in vain. Whenever the person you speak to does not know the words, it's useless. In short, language communication only exists when the language knowledge of us, I and the person you speak to, are matched together.

Speaking technical term only makes sense among cognoscenti. Even the words Garbled characters and Click are still understood by people only use computers.

Well now, focus on children. Children can't speak languages fluently nor chose correct words. Children may understand languages spoken by their parents. But speaking languages fluently with using correct words is hard for around 10-year-old children.

So how about using other tools but languages? Means, Gestures, Voices, Songs, Drawings, and Dances are tools that children can use easily. We, human, sing songs without leaning music. We, human, draw pictures without leaning art. Good or not but we can understand whether they are happy or sad from them.

Next, focus on Circumstances to express one's feelings to others in the whole world. Animated images like TV programs and shows on the stage can use actors/actresses performance consists of voices and gestures.

Picture books use drawings. Photography may also express feelings. However, other than these use written languages to express feelings. Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet issues, Twitter and facebook. Even though games and picture books, we should read written languages to understand. Is it possible for children under 10 years old to express their feelings by using them thoughtfully? Probably not. Moreover infants aged around 2 to 3 can't use them. Written language is not a good tool for children to express their feelings.

Using one of the tools above mentioned, Means, Gestures, Voices, Songs, Drawings, and Dances, must help children to express their feelings. Not only using but also creating by children themselves to express their feelings to others is the best solution. That is the goal of TapChain, As Inspiration strikes.


Access to Google Play Store.(Future work)

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2012/3/23 First commit to github

2016/6/28 code name: "realworld" 0.1 alpha

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