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Teaspoon3 - (TSN<>P)

a template+suggestion on how to create a web app using Tornado, SqlAlchemy, testing it using Nose and documentation using Pycco intended to give ya just the things you need (more likely to say, I needed), nothing more, WYSIWYG... no 'magical' 'project' generation... just download and start using the template it is @marxus85 teaspoon clone ported Python3 (Python3.2.2 recommended)


  • install these packages: tornado, sqlalchemy, nose, pycco (virtualenv is always recommended)

  • download your database driver (sqlite is not need driver, because it is already included)

  • psycopg2 ported to Python3 is recommended github:https://github.com/dvarrazzo/psycopg

    git clone https://github.com/dvarrazzo/psycopg cd psycopg/ python setup.py install

  • download and extract

  • cd teaspoon

  • type 'python .' - it will print out options available to you from the __main__.py file

  • set up the db connection string at models/__init__.py engine = create_engine('sqlite+pysqlite:///file.db')

  • type 'python . create' - it will create the tables (it wont fill them with data)

  • type 'python -c "import setup.auth"' - inorder to fill with basic User/Group/Permission data to your database

  • type 'python . test' - will test the application. should pass.

  • type 'python . serve' - will serve the application. open your browser at http://localhost:8888, for more configuration checkout handlers/__init__.py

  • type 'python . stop' - it is not work. W.I.P

after all that. RTFC. (docs directory for your convenience) and start modifing the supplied code and apply it to your needs.

shinrito@gmail.com @shinriyo -> @twitter

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