Created: 2012-03-24 13:47
Updated: 2018-08-01 08:26


Welcome to django-yafotki github page. Django-yafotki provides access to Yandex.Fotki picture storage from Django. This repository cloned from Author - Serge A Makarov.


Install using pip

pip install django_yafotki

or get source code from github

git clone git://

Add your Yandex account info into

    'username': 'your_yandex_account_name',
    'token': 'your_token'

You can obtain token by following instructions at page

Add Yandex.Fotki field to your model

from yafotki.fields import YFField
class MyModel(models.Model):
    yandex_fotki_image = YFField(upload_to='album_name')

Using in views and templates

Use MyModel.yandex_fotki_image.src attribute for access to image source.

<img src="{{ img.yandex_fotki_image.src }}" />

If you can access to different image sizes use MyModel.yandex_fotki_image.src_100, for access 100px width image, and MyModel.yandex_fotki_image.src for original image size

<img src="{{ img.yandex_fotki_image.src_100 }}" width="100" /> <!-- 100px width image -->
<img src="{{ img.yandex_fotki_image.src_300 }}" width="300" /> <!-- 300px width image -->
<img src="{{ img.yandex_fotki_image.src }}"  /> <!-- Original image widht -->

Using with django-wysiwyg-redactor

You can set up django_yafotki to upload images from wysiwyg redactor directly to Fotki without any model. Just set a handler

REDACTOR_UPLOAD_HANDLER = 'yafotki.handlers.FotkiUploader'
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