Created: 2012-03-24 13:02
Updated: 2013-09-16 11:50


AAMMS is an Armagetronad Advanced server script with multi mode support. The script is based on the Ladderlog.txt file, like all scripts for Armagetronad Advanced do. It requires the ct+sty version of Armagetron Advanced.


  • Multi mode support
  • Automated generation of help(or usage) messages
  • Simple adding of new commands
  • Dynamic respawn points (can be changed at run time without changing map)
  • Dynamic zones (can be changed at run time without changing map)
  • Access levels
  • Voting for Modes


#How to run it: ./run.py should be enough to run it.

./run.py --help to get a list of options.


  • Add some modes :)
  • some other stuff

#How to contribute:

  1. Create an account on github.com ( Only if you don't have one yet. )
  2. Fork this repository.
  3. Develop some code :)
  4. If you are done with developing code create a pull request. I'll review the changes and see what i accept then.

Documentation for programmers can be found in the docs directory.

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