Created: 2012-03-24 12:22
Updated: 2017-07-14 08:40


This is a simple project that explains how to run Jasmine BDD specs over modules loaded with require.js, in four different environments:

  • JsTestDriver
  • Node.js
  • Web browser
  • Maven build

Check out the wiki pages to see how I came up with this result:


##Try it for yourself

After cloning/downloading the repository, if you want to execute the tests:


Change directory to the root of the project

java -jar tools/JsTestDriver/JsTestDriver-1.3.4.b.jar --port 4224 &

connect your browsers to http://localhost:4224/capture

java -jar tools/JsTestDriver/JsTestDriver-1.3.4.b.jar --tests all


simply execute the tests.js file

node tests.js

###Web browser

open the tests.html page

open tests.html

###Maven build

simply execute:

mvn clean test

The Maven build will automatically start whatever the default browser is, it will start the JsTestDriver server automatically, and then it will execute the tests. Optionally, you can choose which browser to be used during tests by using the following command:

mvn clean test -DbrowserPath=path/to/my/browser
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