Created: 2012-03-24 11:43
Updated: 2014-02-23 01:28
License: bsd-3-clause

SoundCloud Widgetify

jQuery Lib to widgetify any soundcloud urls within a DOM


Call scWidgetify(<array of urls>) on the element to which the widgets should get appended to. An optional callback allows addition function, e.g. updating height.

$(document.body).scWidgetify([""], {
    callback: function(element, result) {


For a real life example see exmaple.html. Open file in Browser of your choice and pass list or urls like:


SoundCloud oEmbed

For further info check:


We'll check out your contribution if you:

  • Provide a comprehensive suite of tests for your fork.
  • Have a clear and documented rationale for your changes.
  • Package these up in a pull request.

We'll do our best to help you out with any contribution issues you may have.


The license is included as LICENSE in this directory.

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