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A simple tool to calculate the overall performance of an investment portfolio.

See http://www.portfolio-performance.info for more details.

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Building with Maven


Mac OS X / Linux

export MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx1g"


set MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx1g"


Run Maven 3.x.x in the 'portfolio-app' directory:

mvn clean verify -Dtycho.disableP2Mirrors

Developing with Eclipse

Eclipse Setup

To develop, use the Eclipse IDE Photon (or newer up to 2018-09) release plus Plug-in Development Environment (PDE). PDE homepage is http://www.eclipse.org/pde/ and it can be installed via Help/Install new Software. The link for the update site is mentioned in the docs.

Optionally, install via the Eclipse Marketplace

  • infinitest
  • ResourceBundle Editor
  • SonarLint
  • Eclipse Checkstyle Plug-in


Clone the git repository.

Import projects by

  • selecting "Import Projects..." on the Git repository in the Git perspective
  • choosing "File" > "Import..." > "Existing Projects into Workspace" from the menu

After importing the Portfolio Performance projects in Eclipse, they will not compile due to missing dependencies: the target platform is missing.

Generate Target Platform

Run Maven once in the 'portfolio-app' directory with the following parameter:

mvn clean install -Dgenerate-target-platform=true -Dtycho.disableP2Mirrors

Set Target Platform

  • Open the portfolio-app project
  • Press F5 to refresh the view, otherwise you might not find the ide-target-platform
  • Open the ide-target-platform/portfolio-ide.target file with the Target Editor (this may take a while as it requires Internet access). If you just get an XML file, use right click and chose Open With
  • In the resulting editor, click on the "Set as Active Target Platform" link at the top right (this may also take a while)

Run Program

Run the application and the tests with the launch configurations stored in ~/portfolio-app/eclipse folder (right-click "Run As").


Eclipse Public License http://www.eclipse.org/legal/epl-v10.html

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