Created: 2012-03-24 07:51
Updated: 2016-05-05 13:03


Last demonstration video: http://youtu.be/Pd6z6RKmlXk


Already used:

  • lxml (sudo easy_install lxml)
  • PyGame lib
  • numpy lib


  • PGU (PyGame Gui) lib

Interesting links:




  • Player controlling (For network version)


  • Make new states for State Machine and integrate it to the game
  • Fix bugs
  • Planning the development path



  • Added Textures Map class: removed all images files except one - textures.png, size converter is in the Texture class



  • Tryed Perling noise for map generation, but it turns out DemondSquare is better
  • Added bioms: prairie, mountains, desert, swamp, taiga
  • Monsters connected to their specific biom
  • We've started work on TCP/IP protocol and there are already some great results
  • And new Video =) (http://youtu.be/Pd6z6RKmlXk)


  • Refactoring, again and again =(
  • pythonGame, try to use it
  • Do some menu
  • Upgrdae tcp/ip protocol
  • Merge our repositories



  • Added player to the map, and you may controll him!!! Cool =)
  • I've done a lot of refactoring, now code more readable
  • Changed folders
  • Added new Video http://youtu.be/DfZdguZGq6w


  • Optimize A* path search, player think about the path too much time
  • Add fog
  • Add multiplayer mode
  • Think about GUI (PyGameGui - is a proper solution)
  • Network, we need network ASAP



  • Implemented A* algorithm to be able move player around the map by optimal path
  • Added small map to right top angle to be able to navigate, enjoy!! =)


  • Connect all together (A*, Player movement)
  • Tune map generation alghorintm to build cool mountains, forest etc
  • Develop proper random starting point player generator/ Monsters generator
  • Add FOG to the map >_>
  • A lot of Refactoring have to be done, becouse the code now dont understandalbe =(



  • Added monster to the map, and made them to move stochastically (amazing -_-")
  • Tried first sample about TCP in python
  • Added viedo to YouTube http://youtu.be/jfgvRmdfA6w


  • Made some AI about monsters
  • Try to add a Single Player



  • Added debug information about current global/location on the screen (x,y)
  • Developed hash map (see land class)

I think we can develop small map later >_>


  • Start thinking about initial game engine (Player, Buildings, Textures)

We shouldn't forget about multiplayer



  • Implemented diamond-square alghoritm for map generation
  • Developed first visualizator based on PyGame engine
  • Added very funny sprites (thanks sagod _)
  • Added first vision of game architecture (see docs folder)


  • Add debug information about current location on the screen (x,y)
  • Develop small map
  • Implement first version of class GameEngine with some hash map optimization

Comment: After some thought i've decided implement hashing in separate class named Land and I'm amazed because it turns out that map hashing gives some performance and it now moves faster across the map

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