Created: 2012-03-24 04:02
Updated: 2017-02-17 06:42
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A Kohana dwoo view adapter


Dwoo is a template engine, similar to Smarty, but re-written for PHP5.

Kodwoo allows you to use Dwoo with Kohana 3 with minimal effort. Simply use the Kodwoo_View class instead of View or Kohana_View like you were used to, and (by default) name your template files ending in .tpl instead of .php, and you're up and running.

Template parameters are added exactly the same way you would with standard Kohana views. That is, either supplied to the Kodwoo_View constructor/factory, or by using the view instance's bind() and set() routines.


Further customization can be added by adding a kodwoo configuration section to your application or module configuration area. For details of what goes into this configuration, see kodwoo/config/kodwoo.php. Note that some parts of the configuration can be segmented out to allow different parts of the application (different modules, for example) to use different dwoo template configuration options, such as which extension to use or whether to turn on automatic escaping. Use the $group parameter of the Kodwoo_View constructor to specify a which configuration group you want to use, or "default" by default.


To install from git, don't forget to update your submodules in order to import the Dwoo source tree. The process looks something like this (stating from your Kohana root dir)"

git submodule add https://tylerl@github.com/tylerl/Kodwoo.git modules/kodwoo
cd modules/kodwoo
git submodule update --init


Note that for best results, your application's cache directory needs to be be writable by Kohana.

Additional Features

Beyond the basic Dwoo and Kohana_View functionality, this module adds the following features:

User-defined functions

User-defined functions are can be made accessible from templates by using the add_plugin() and add_remote_plugin() function within Kodwoo_View. Use add_remote_plugin("name",$object,"method") to register a member function of an external class, or derive from Kodwoo_View and use add_plugin("name","method") to register a member function of the view itself.

Kohana path inclusion

You can take advantage of the Kohana cascading filesystem within your templates when using elements such as {extends} and {include} by prefixing your filename with a "~". For example, {include "~errors/404"} will search for "application/views/errors/404.tpl", "modules/foo/views/errors/404.tpl", "system/views/errors/404.tpl", etc.

Omitting the "~" will instruct the template loader to search relative to the active template's own path, as is the default with Dwoo.

Setting the "root" template file within the Kodwoo_View class always uses the cascading Kohana filesystem, even without the "~". This modified syntax only applies when loading template files from within the templates themselves.

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