Created: 2012-03-24 03:33
Updated: 2013-10-05 00:23


an in-browser, peer-to-peer distributed datastore in pure js

why rely on someone else's cloud when you just have a bit of data?

Don't you like sunny days better than cloudy ones? With all the hype around "cloud computing" we have lost sight of what cloud computing gives us versus what we really need.

Often we (web developers) want to build an app that just stores a bit of personal data somewhere, in a way that it can be accessed by the user anywhere later. Some but not all of us, have the resources/knowledge/time to find a server to host a database for us.

Most of us have a lot of extra machines hanging around, and many of them have persistent connections to the Web. Heck, our smartphones probably have enough computational resources and bandwidth to host this data for us. Why don't we just use these devices?

let's build our own cloud - a browser at a time

This sounds like a terrible idea, and it probably is. This library is merely a proof of concept inspired by Bittorrent that allows everyone's browser who accesses your webpage to participate in a giant distributed data store, so that everyone can participate in helping one another store their little bits of information.


by starting to build tools to replace the Cloud infrastructure, we can start to take back the Web to its original ideals: free, open communication, run by us, for one another.

Musical inspiration: Cloudbusting or Something good (the same song!) or Eben Moglen for some real inspiration.


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