Created: 2012-03-24 03:25
Updated: 2013-11-01 07:47

Mongo Resume

A simple datadriven resume example I write to learn MVC3 & Mongo DB in .NET

Live Demo

See my resume for a live version running on AppHarbor.

Getting started

  1. Fork or clone the repo.
  2. Signup for an account at MongoLab
  3. Create a collection called "resume" and create a document that uses the formatting in "sampleMongoRecord.txt"
  4. Edit the web.config section to point to your mongoLab instance
  5. Run the app


This is intended to be a quick and dirty example to get you started with MVC3 and Mongo in .NET. I am sure there are more optimal ways of doing things, but I needed to start somewhere. It used MVC3/ and Razor for the front end and Mongo with strongly-typed models for the back-end. I also included Rotativa to enable on the fly PDF rendering. Please feel free to copy and modify this code to your hearts content.


##Technical caveats I had to add the Premotion Appharbor fix to get Rotativa working in AppHarbor. This has to do with how some of the routing gets re-mapped by their load balancer. See premotion for more details. If you are self-hosting this may or may not cause conflict so it's probably safe to get rid of.

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