Created: 2012-03-24 01:46
Updated: 2018-11-06 05:06
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Sometimes a really simple solution is best. For distributing a ruby environment in a complex build pipeline, a single jar file containing a ruby runtime and all the gems you want for your project can be a really simple way to go.

That is what this little project tries to do - package up ruby and all your gems into a single jar file, along with any executables from those gems.

Getting Started

  • First, download the jruby-complete.jar file from the latest jruby release at http://jruby.org/download.
  • Rename the jruby-complete.jar file to jruby-gems.jar and place it in this project's directory.
  • Now run "java -jar jruby-gems.jar -S rake -T" to see what options are available for adding / removing gems to the jar.

The rakefile details

rake jruby:add_gem[gem_name, version]     ( add a gem to the jruby-gems.jar file, the version is optional )
rake jruby:extract               ( extract jruby and all the current gems into a tmp directory )
rake jruby:remove_gem[gem_name, version]  ( uninstall a gem from the jruby-gems.jar, the version is optional )
rake jruby:repackage             ( repackage jruby and gems from tmp back into jruby-gems.jar )

Manual install of gems

rake jruby:extract

Then to install multiple gems at once run a command line this

java -jar jruby-gems.jar -S gem install -i temp gem1 gem2 gem3

Then package it back up.

rake jruby:repackage
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