Created: 2012-03-24 00:34
Updated: 2019-01-02 01:05


vim-pomodoro is a Vim plugin for the Pomodoro time management technique.


The usage of vim-pomodoro is simple. :PomodoroStart [pomodoro_name] starts a new pomodoro. The parameter pomodoro_name is optional. After a pomodoro has ended, a confirmation dialog will remind you to take a break. When the break has ended, another dialog will ask you if you want to start a new pomodoro. Furthermore, the remaining time of a pomodoro can be displayed in the statusline of vim.

If you do not want vim-pomodoro to use popup windows but text dialogs inside Vim, add set guioptions+=c to your ~/.gvimrc. Please note that this will globally disable popup notification windows in Vim.

Also, in addition to the default notifications inside vim, vim-pomodoro allows you to add further external notifications, such as sounds, system-notification popups etc.


Remaining time displayed in statusline

Remaining Time

Pomodoro finished, let's take a break!

Pomodoro Finished

Take another turn?

Pomodoro Restart


Add the following options to your ~/.vimrc to configure vim-pomodoro

" Duration of a pomodoro in minutes (default: 25)
let g:pomodoro_time_work = 25

" Duration of a break in minutes (default: 5)
let g:pomodoro_time_slack = 5 

" Log completed pomodoros, 0 = False, 1 = True (default: 0)
let g:pomodoro_do_log = 0 

" Path to the pomodoro log file (default: /tmp/pomodoro.log)
let g:pomodoro_log_file = "/tmp/pomodoro.log" 

To display the remaining time of a pomodoro in your statusline, add

set statusline=%#ErrorMsg#%{PomodoroStatus()}%#StatusLine# 

to your ~/.vimrc

Bells and Whistles

Notifications outside vim can be enabled through the option g:pomodoro_notification_cmd. For instance, to play a soundfile after each completed pomodoro or break, add something like

let g:pomodoro_notification_cmd = "mpg123 -q ~/.vim/pomodoro-notification.mp3"

to your ~/.vimrc. System-wide notifications can, for instance, be done via zenity and the option

let g:pomodoro_notification_cmd = 'zenity --notification --text="Pomodoro finished"''


vim-pomodoro requires AsyncCommand to be installed. The recommended installation method for both plugins is via Vundle. Add

Bundle 'pydave/AsyncCommand'
Bundle 'mnick/vim-pomodoro'

to your ~/.vimrc and run BundleInstall afterwards. If you don't want to use Vundle, first install AsyncCommand and simply extract the tarfile in your ~/.vim directory afterwards.

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