Created: 2012-03-23 20:04
Updated: 2014-04-22 02:15

Creating a GenCompare Virtual Machine

You will need to have Ruby, Gems and VirtualBox 4.0.x or 4.1.x installed installed on the host machine. I don't address that here though. Once those are in place install vagrant.

$ gem install vagrant
$ gem install puppet 

Grab the code and move into the working directory:

$ git clone
$ cd gencompare_devops

Per the vagrant homepage, grab a template machine off of the web:

$ vagrant box add lucid32

Create the machine (from within the working directory):

$ vagrant up 

I couldn't figure out how to get around this silly workaround, but for now you must ssh into the machine and update the Debian package manager:

$ vagrant ssh
vagrant@lucid32:~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a 
vagrant@lucid32:~$ exit

Now, you should be able to reload the machine be off:

$ vagrant reload

A simple test to prove that the Apache man

I copied the cheat sheet below so that I can use it as a grab-bag

Header 2

Header 3 ### (Hashes on right are optional)

Markdown plus h2 with a custom ID ## {#id-goes-here}

Link back to H2

This is a paragraph, which is text surrounded by whitespace. Paragraphs can be on one line (or many), and can drone on for hours.

Here is a Markdown link to Warped, and a literal . Now some SimpleLinks, like one to [google] (automagically links to are-you- feeling-lucky), a [wiki: test] link to a Wikipedia page, and a link to [foldoc: CPU]s at foldoc.

Now some inline markup like italics, bold, and code(). Note that underscores in words are ignored in Markdown Extra.

picture alt

Blockquotes are like quoted text in email replies

And, they can be nested

  • Bullet lists are easy too
  • Another one
  • Another one
  1. A numbered list
  2. Which is numbered
  3. With periods and a space

And now some code:

// Code is just text indented a bit
which(is_easy) to_remember();

// Markdown extra adds un-indented code blocks too

if (this_is_more_code == true && !indented) {
    // tild wrapped code blocks, also not indented

Text with
two trailing spaces
(on the right)
can be used
for things like poems

Horizontal rules

This is a div wrapping some Markdown plus. Without the DIV attribute, it ignores the block.

Markdown plus tables

Header Header Right
Cell Cell $10
Cell Cell $20
  • Outer pipes on tables are optional
  • Colon used for alignment (right versus left)

Markdown plus definition lists

Bottled water : $ 1.25 : $ 1.55 (Large)

Milk Pop : $ 1.75

  • Multiple definitions and terms are possible
  • Definitions can include multiple paragraphs too

*[ABBR]: Markdown plus abbreviations (produces an tag)

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