Created: 2012-03-23 20:03
Updated: 2015-02-12 20:58


Explore differences in preprocessing pipelines



see matlab/connectThres.m for colorized connections Scrapped Pipeline vs bpregres

dashed circle is negative change. solid dot is positive change. Top 1% shown.

Brain layer

see matlab/viewbrain.m

  • requires additional libraries
  • resampling still not ideal


see countCompare.pl for percent identities

Vizualize Foci in Caret

see generateFoci.sh for generating color and foci file to be imported into caret

Using Caret

  • Load spec file: standard_mesh_atlas/Left...
  • Load spec file: standard_mesh_atlas/Right.., select "Keep ..."
  • Open Data: load .foci and .focicolor
    • if foci are on "Left" all will be shown
  • Layers -> Foci -> Map Sterotacix Foci
    • pretend to edit a foci
    • click map to surface (PALS doesnt work? -- need to figure out study linking)
    • Apply

Visiualize Foci in AFNI

Pipeline Clustering in AFNI see withAFNI/createSpheres.sh for generating sheres.

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