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This is a vimscript for create and manage memo. memolist.vim is inspired by jekyll.vim.


Set the path to your memo directory in your .vimrc.(default directory $HOME/memo)

let g:memolist_path = "path/to/dir"

You may also want to add a few mappings to stream line the behavior:

nnoremap <Leader>mn  :MemoNew<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>ml  :MemoList<CR>
nnoremap <Leader>mg  :MemoGrep<CR>


Create New Memo:


Show Memo List:


Grep Memo Directory:



" suffix type (default markdown)
let g:memolist_memo_suffix = "markdown"
let g:memolist_memo_suffix = "txt"

" date format (default %Y-%m-%d %H:%M)
let g:memolist_memo_date = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M"
let g:memolist_memo_date = "epoch"
let g:memolist_memo_date = "%D %T"

" tags prompt (default 0)
let g:memolist_prompt_tags = 1

" categories prompt (default 0)
let g:memolist_prompt_categories = 1

" use qfixgrep (default 0)
let g:memolist_qfixgrep = 1

" use vimfiler (default 0)
let g:memolist_vimfiler = 1

" use fzf (default 0)
let g:memolist_fzf = 1

" remove filename prefix (default 0)
let g:memolist_filename_prefix_none = 1

" use unite (default 0)
let g:memolist_unite = 1

" use arbitrary unite source (default is 'file')
let g:memolist_unite_source = "file_rec"

" use arbitrary unite option (default is empty)
let g:memolist_unite_option = "-auto-preview -start-insert"

" use denite (default 0)
let g:memolist_denite = 1

" use arbitrary denite source (default is 'file_rec')
let g:memolist_denite_source = "anything"

" use arbitrary denite option (default is empty)
let g:memolist_denite_option = "anything"

" use various Ex commands (default '')
let g:memolist_ex_cmd = 'CtrlP'
let g:memolist_ex_cmd = 'NERDTree'

" use delimiter of array in yaml front matter (default is ' ')
let g:memolist_delimiter_yaml_array = ','

" use when get items from yaml front matter
" first line string pattern of yaml front matter (default "==========")
let g:memolist_delimiter_yaml_start = "---"

" last line string pattern of yaml front matter (default "- - -")
let g:memolist_delimiter_yaml_end  = "---"

memolist.vim with unite.vim

Custom template

you can use other format and custom template. (default memo format is markdown.)

if you use custom template file(~/memotemplates/rdoc.txt). add the following lines to your .vimrc

let g:memolist_memo_suffix = "rdoc"
let g:memolist_template_dir_path = "~/memotemplates"



Put all files under $VIM.

vim-plug (

Add the following configuration to your .vimrc.

Plug 'glidenote/memolist.vim'

Install with :PlugInstall.

Vundle (

Add the following configuration to your .vimrc.

Bundle 'glidenote/memolist.vim'

Install with :BundleInstall.

NeoBundle (

Add the following configuration to your .vimrc.

NeoBundle 'glidenote/memolist.vim'

Install with :NeoBundleInstall.


Lcense: Same terms as Vim itself (see license)

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