Created: 2012-03-23 19:40
Updated: 2017-10-23 21:28


  • Run the test/spec your cursor is currently on
  • Run the context your cursor is currently in
  • Run the entire test/spec you are working in
  • Streaming output to tmux via vimux

This plugin currently supports

  • test/unit
  • dust
  • rspec
  • shoulda


Use any of the commands below. Map them to shortcuts in your .vimrc for easy access.

  • RunRubyFocusedTest - run focused test/spec
  • RunRailsFocusedTest - run focused test (no spec support) in a Rails app
  • RunRubyFocusedContext - run current context (rspec, shoulda)
  • RunAllRubyTests - run all the tests/specs in the current file

You can also use the following settings in .vimrc to configure the command used to run ruby tests:

let g:vimux_ruby_cmd_unit_test = "bundle exec ruby"
let g:vimux_ruby_cmd_all_tests = "testdrb"
let g:vimux_ruby_cmd_context = "FOO=bar ruby"

By default, vim-ruby-test clears the tmux pane in which the command is run. You can configure this behavior:

let g:vimux_ruby_clear_console_on_run = 0

By default, vim-ruby-test uses the absolute path for file arguments. You can configure it to instead use relative paths with:

let g:vimux_ruby_file_relative_paths = 1


Put the contents of this directory into your pathogen bundle. That's it!


  • vim with ruby support (compiled +ruby)
  • vimux >= 0.3.0


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