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Updated: 2016-04-21 16:54


iP Relay

iP Relay is a message relaying service built for the use of the engineering, testing, and project management teams at Interactive Partners. It's primary purpose, at least for the moment, is to provide users of the Beanstalk source control system the ability to execute a few commands directly in commit messages.

Message Origins


To configure:

  1. Open a repository
  2. Go to: Setup -> Integration -> Web hooks
  3. For SVN repositories, activate and point to this URL: http://ip-relay.your_domain_here.com/beanstalk/commit
  4. For Git repositories, activate and point to this URL: http://ip-relay.your_domain_here.com/beanstalk/payload

Command syntax:

  • Surround each command in square brackets
  • Separate parameters with a comma
  • Separate parameter keys and values with a colon
  • Multiple commands are supported
  • Spaces are automatically stripped

Commit message examples:

Fixing 'Broken pipe' error [task: 3907] [chat:shenanigans]

  • Adds a comment to Intervals task 3907
  • Speaks in the Campfire chat room "Shenanigans"

Updated schema [bug: 100, status: resolved] [bug: 101]

  • Adds a comment to Bugzilla bug 100
  • Changes the status of Bugzilla bug 100 to "RESOLVED"
  • Adds a comment to Bugzilla bug 101


Hoptoad errors can be automatically filed as bugs in Bugzilla.

To configure:

  1. Install hoptoad-webhooks by @halorgium
  2. Configure the hoptoad-webhooks hook_url to be: http://ip-relay.your_domain_here.com/hoptoad/error
  3. Match the project names between Hoptoad and Bugzilla (there is currently no mapping capability available)
  4. For each project in Bugzilla, create a "Hoptoad Errors" component — this will be the "inbox" for new Hoptoad error reports

Message Destinations

The following message "destinations" are supported:


Example: [bug: 100, status: resolved] [bug: 101]

Note: Status value is automatically upper-cased (ex. "RESOLVED").


Example: [task: 3907]


Example: [chat:shenanigans]

Note: Room name is automatically capitalized (ex. "Shenanigans").

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