Created: 2012-03-23 16:25
Updated: 2013-12-18 02:34
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Serienmover Build Status

Tool that moves series episodes into a specific directory structure. It's recommended to use serienrenamer to rename these files.


$ gem install serienmover

That installs an executable named serienmover that is used to process the files.


  • searches for a possible target in your series directories
  • can read a Yaml file from serienrenamer which holds the series names from the renamed files, indexed by md5sum
  • creates a new season directory if episode is the first of a new season by detecting the pattern from former seasons
  • has some metrics to find mostly the right target
  • can process the series automatic by file
  • can execute a script for every copied episode


$ serienmover


You can change the behaviour of serienmover with commandline arguments (serienmover --help for an overview) or by editing the config file under ~/.serienmover/config.yml.

An overview of the supported configuration values follows:


Directory that is used by default, to look for new episodes (Default: ~/Downloads/).


An array of paths to directories which contains the series.


Read the seriesname from a file, that is created by serienrenamer. The path to the file is set by store_path.


A number of bytes that is used to generate the md5sum. The count has to match with the setting from serienrenamer. Defaults to 2048.


This can hold a path to a script, that is called for all copied episodes after they have copied. By creating this script, you can automate some things like, hold all copied files in a separate directory. This file has to be executable and there are two parameters supplied: 1) the episodefile 2) the seriesname


Should serienmover decide automatically which action (copy/move) should be applied on the episodes.


This is the default action, that serienmover will apply, when the previous setting is true.


A list of series that will have the opposite default action. When auto_default_action is :copy than the default action is :move, and vice versa.

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