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Updated: 2019-01-24 17:37


Shopify Inline Cart

This is a git repository for the files and way to setup an inline cart in Shopify. If you have any questions, send me an email at

well documented on Shopify Forums:

1. An add to cart button:

This is pretty standard (style it however you want):

2. inline-cart.liquid

put the file inline-cart.liquid in your snippets folder.

This will be called from your theme.liquid file like this: {% include 'inline-cart' %}

The cart-top and cart-bottom divs allow for the space between top and bottom of cart. Style to your hearts content.

3. cart_tab.html

Because the cart updates information all over the place, you need some way of telling it where to find those things to update. I have a little cart tab that shows the count and also has a checkout button. add the snippet in the file cart_tab.html into theme.liquid

On my product page, I also have a message that pops up when you add an item to the cart, asking if you want to see the cart or checkout.

This is made possibly by a placeholder div that gets content written into it!

<div id="add-to-cart-msg"></div>

4. inlineCart.js

Add jquery.inlineCart.js to your assets folder, for me called like this in theme.liquid:

{{ 'monolitho.js' | asset_url | script_tag }} 

5 . jquery.hideIinlineCart.js

This does the fancy hide/show stuff for the inline cart. (note that you need jquery for this!)

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