Created: 2012-03-23 15:39
Updated: 2014-04-27 19:46


  • Python: Matplotlib Numpy

The Antara we are trying to match impedance to is described above.

7599 tuyau 4 ouvert. two measurements were performed, first one from 10 to 4000Hz and second one from 3000Hz to 8000Hz in step of 1/10 hz. Average was applied in the 1Khz zone between the measurements. Down-sample x10 was applied to the measurements to meet simulations requirement.

Geometrical Description: (don't speak french)

Diamètre de la cavité arrière a1 (mm)=18.000000 Diamètre de la cavité avant a2 (mm)=16.000000 Longueur de la cavité fermée l1 (mm)=21.400000 Longueur de la cavité ouverte l2 (mm)=13.000000


Length for first cavity: 13.0 [mm] Length for the close cavity: 21.4 [mm] Radius for second cavity: 9.0 [mm] Radius for first cavity: 8.0 [mm]


1.- Check for the ZF.txt file generated in Matlab with the Antaras.m script. (inside src directory) 2.- always make clean the project, if it is the first time 3.- make plot, to compile the faust code into a C++ executable. 4.- python, to generate graphics. 5.- check for graphics generated inside /gen

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