Created: 2012-03-23 15:20
Updated: 2016-10-24 09:25
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Django / AngularJS project supporing the CIM Questionnaire for the esdoc eco-system.


What is ES-DOC ?

ES-DOC stands for Earth Science - Documentation. It's goal is to provide software tools and services in order to support the distribution of earth science documentation.

What is the CIM ?

Metafor was a European project tasked with defining a metadata standard for describing scientific processes, particularly climate modelling processes. This metadata standard came to be known as the CIM (Common Information Model).

What is esdoc-questionnaire ?

esdoc-questionnaire is a standalone Django project that allows users to create CIM instances via webforms. These forms are automatically generated based on the structure of the CIM. They can also be customized for particular user communities.

What are the contents of esdoc-questionnaire ?

\Q Django project root
\media sample data to play with & generated data to register

Further Information ?

Please refer to the documentation for further information:

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