Created: 2012-03-23 15:10
Updated: 2015-10-05 15:46

Close and Zero Attempts Report

Allows an instructor to easily close attempts- including the ability to close all overdue exams in two clicks. Also allows instructors to create "null" or "zero" attempts for users who did not attempt the quiz- which will allow them to review a quiz as though they had submitted an empty quiz.

Authored by Kyle Temkin, working for Binghamton University


This report has been minimally tested with newer versions of Moodle. It's based off of old Moodle core code, and thus required a /lot/ of cleanup!

Forthcoming Features

Will include a cron script which can be used to automatically zero non-submitted quiz attempts after the due date has passed.

Installation Instruction

To install Moodle 2.1+ using git, execute the following commands in the root of your Moodle install:

git clone git:// mod/quiz/report/closezero
echo 'mod/quiz/report/closezero' >> .git/info/exclude

Or, extract the following zip in your_moodle_root/mod/quiz/report/closezero:
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