Created: 2012-03-23 14:45
Updated: 2015-02-10 14:16


Skeleton Base Theme

Key features

  • Aggressive CSS normalization
    • Clips out a large number of default Drupal CSS files leaving in the pieces that are necessary to keep the admin/overlay interface running.
    • Uses Normalize.css to apply a basic standardized appearance cross-browser without a full reset/rebuild.
  • HTML5 base markup
  • Minimal Appearance CSS, just enough to hold the page structure in place with a wireframe-y grey color scheme, but not enough to imply it's official design. (That's what sub-themes are for!)

Expects to be used with...

Includes support for...

  • Panels
    • Includes 4 example Panels layouts to match the 4 potential automated outputs of page.tpl.php.
    • Includes an example Panel layout for building out a customizable homepage.
  • Custom right rail content assignment through the Block Reference/CCK Blocks method I wrote about. (See code for skeleton_preprocess_page() in template.php for more information.)
  • Node-specific layout control through the use of Context_Node.
    • Exported code for Contexts to control layouts are available in the _exportables/context directory.


  • Make a sub-theme toolkit/starter
  • Drush/Rake sub-theme starter generator tool


  • 2011-11-12: MR - Still getting things started. Panels in place but still a little rough.
  • 2011-11-13: MR - Panels stuff should be mostly set at this point. Added support for dropdown menus as part of main navigation.
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