Created: 2012-03-23 14:38
Updated: 2018-06-26 16:49


Web2py Browser Extensions

web2py has no development mode. Production or development, it logs all exceptions to its internal ticket system and to the user displays an error page with a link to the ticket.

Are you tired of clicking the ticket links and waiting for them to load, then these browser extensions are for you - Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox extension. The extension creates an iframe and opens the ticket in there. The result: much faster debugging during web2py development.

Building the extension

  • Clone this repository, or download the source code
  • You will see the following folder structure:
    |   |__contentscript.js     # chrome and firefox common extension code
    |   |__manifest.json        # chrome extension's manifest
    |   |__web2py-32.png        # extension's icon
    |   |__web2py-64.png        # extension's icon
    |   |__main.js              # firefox extension's entry point
    |   |__test-main.js         # firefox extension's unit testcase
    |__package.json             # firefox extension's manifest

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