Created: 2012-03-23 14:03
Updated: 2013-10-07 01:10
License: mit


Backbone.js snippets for Sublime Text 2

###CoffeeScript Scope Snippets Provided in This Package (WIP)

bme         - Create a Model class 
clear       - Removes all attributes from the model
def         - Specify default attributes for model
esc         - Returns HTML-escaped model attribute
fetch       - Resets the model state from server
get         - Get the current value of an attribute from the model
has         - True if attribute is non-null or non-undefined
id          - Special property of models
idAttrib    - Map a model id attribute
new         - Create an instance model
off         - Remove all previously-bound callbacks
on          - Bind a callback function to an object
set         - Set the current value of a model attribute
json        - Return a JSON copy of model attributes
tr          - Trigger callbacks for the given event
unset       - Remove an attribute








  • Simply clone/download this package, select any, or all, of the snippets and drop them into your Sublime-Text-2-Backbone.js-package directory.


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