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Updated: 2016-10-07 17:01
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This is a Clojure client lib for Redis

Here be dragons! .. or rather, Java. The client is a small core of java that implements the Redis protocol with a clojure API for Redis commands around it.


WORK IN PROGRESS! I expect to have a stable release in a couple of weeks, but things seems to work ok.


  • Pretty fast. The core Java part is in the same ballpark as redis-bench
  • Commands are generated from redis-doc (commands.json). This means it's easy to keep the client up-to-date with Redis development. Also, useful documention for command fns!
  • All commands are pipelined by default and returns futures.
  • Futures return can be deref:ed with (deref xx) and @ (returns Reply)
  • Replies can alse be deref:ed to their underlying values @@(ping db) => "PONG"
  • Return values are processed as little as possible, eg. @@(get db "xxx") returns byte[]. Includes some helper fns for converting to String (->str @(get r "xxx")) and String[] (->strs)
  • Sane pub/sub support, including correct behavior for UNSUBSCRIBE returning connection to normal state.
  • Support for MULTI/EXEC and return values (see example below).
  • labs-redis does not use global *bindings* for the connection ref (as in clj-redis and redis-clojure). In my target code for this library talks to alot of different Redis instances and (with-connection (client) (set key val)) adds alot of uneccesary boilerplate for us.
  • Idiomatic support for EVAL. defeval handles caching of lua source per connection and EVALSHA use etc. (defeval my-echo [] [x] "return'ECHO',ARGV[1])")
  • Small connection pool impl (pool and with-pool macro.) Work in progress..

Basic Usage

(require '[labs.redis.core :as redis])

(def db (redis/client))

(redis/ping db)
=> <ReplyFuture <StatusReply "PONG">>

@(redis/ping db)
=> <StatusReply "PONG">

(redis/value @(redis/ping db))
=> "PONG"

@@(redis/ping db)
=> "PONG"

@(redis/set db "foo" "bar")
=> <StatusReply "OK">

@(redis/get db "foo")
=> <BulkReply@xxxx: #<byte[] [B@xxxx]>>

@@(redis/get db "foo")
=> #<byte[] [B@xxxx]>

(String. @@(redis/get db "foo"))
=> "bar"

(redis/->str @(redis/get db "foo"))
=> "bar"

Arguments to commands are converted and flattened in a do-what-I-mean style, so we can write code like

;; ZUNIONSTORE destination numkeys key [key ...] [WEIGHTS weight [weight ...]] [AGGREGATE SUM|MIN|MAX]
(zunionstore r "out" 2 ["set1" "set2"] {:weights [10 20] :aggregate :sum})


  (subscribe-with r
   ["msgs" "msgs2" "msgs3"]
   (fn [db channel message]
     (let [message (->str message)]
       (println "R " channel message)
       (not (= "quit" message)))))


  ;; multi/exec with sane handling of return values
    (multi r)
    (let [_ (mset r "k1" "v1" "k2" "v2")
          a (get r "k1")
	  _ (set r "k2" "xx")
          b (get r "k2")]
      (exec! r)
      (println (->str @a) (->str @b))) ;; v1 xx
    (catch Throwable t
      (try @(discard r)
           (finally (throw t)))))

There is also a macro (atomically db &body) that does multi/exec/discard and return the MultiBulkReply from EXEC. See source for details.

What's missing


Installation / Leiningen

Not deployed on clojars yet. Install locally or use leiningen checkouts

Add [labs-redis "0.1.0"] in your project.clj then run lein deps.


Andreas Bielk :: :: @wallrat


Copyright © 2012 Andreas Bielk

Distributed under the MIT/X11 license; see the file LICENSE.

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