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Treepy is a python script that compiles a simple text representation of a tree in a pretty latex figure.

Let's say you want to draw this tree:

Banana tree

Then you should create a txt file where each line describes a level of the tree, starting from the root:

line 1: v

in the second line you want to describe 4 nodes. Each node description is separated by the others with the symbol '|' and contains the label of the incoming edge (if any) and the label of the node, encoded with this syntax:

[label of the incoming edge] ; [label of the node]

then the second will be:

line 2: a;u| banana$;1 | $;7 | na;z

In the third line, you have nodes with different parents: the description you will put at the beginning of the line will refer to the leftmost node at the upper level (in this case u). You can change the parent node using the symbol '@': the parent will become the next parent node on the right (in this case 1). If the next parent node does not have child nodes, leave the description empty. Third line will be:

line 3: $;6	|na;v @  @  @ $;5 | na$;3

Same for the fourth level/line, you have to specify the parent for each description, considering the node that you created in the previous level: the previous level contains four nodes and only the second has child, then:

line 4: @ $;4| na$;2 @ @ 

Producing the latex

The final txt describing the tree will be:

a;u| banana$;1 | $;7 | na;z
$;6	|na;v @  @  @ $;5 | na$;3 
@ $;4| na$;2 @ @ 

(you can find it in example/banana.dat ). In order to produce the latex simply exec:

./ banana.dat

Treepy will print the latex on the standard output. The output can be directly compiled with pdflatex, or you can copy the snippet with the tree in your latex file:

%start from here
level 1/.style={sibling distance=5cm,level distance=4cm},
level 2/.style={sibling distance=3cm, level distance=2cm},
level 3/.style={sibling distance=2cm, level distance=2.5cm},
kant/.style={text width=2cm, text centered, sloped},
every node/.style={text ragged, inner sep=2mm},
punkt/.style={circle, shade, top color=white,
bottom color=white, draw=black, very
thick }
\node[punkt] {v} 
%end here

The tree is drawn using the tikz package. You will have to import the package tikz. As you can see the preamble of tikzpicture allows you to personalize your tree (e.g., changing the distance between siblings and levels). Please refer to the tikz manual for more informations.

Diego Ceccarelli 2012

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