Created: 2012-03-23 10:52
Updated: 2013-11-03 13:03
License: bsd-2-clause


InfiRest is a library for use with Zend Framework that enables you to easily create REST interfaces, largely inspired by django-tastypie.

Also included is InfiRestDoctrine, for the creation of REST interfaces for your Doctrine 2 entities.

Check out the quickstart documentation for a gentle push in the right direction.


  • PHP 5.3
  • Zend Framework 1.11+ (might work with earlier versions).
  • Doctrine 2, in case you want to use InfiRestDoctrine.

How this came to be

Every year, my employer Infi gives its individual employees one week to work on a project of their own choice, the so-called hobby week. InfiRest was my hobby week project for 2012.

I have used Django for my own toy projects in the past, and recently I messed a lot with front-end libraries like backbone.js in combination with django-tastypie serving as the backend REST interface. Tastypie's ease of use inspired me to create a similar library for Zend Framework, because we use that framework a lot in our projects, and there is no extensive REST support in the Zend Framework core library. I like to build stuff that simply works, and I hope that this will be one of those things.

Work in progress

InfiRest, for now, is largely a work in progress. The goal I set for the end of the hobby week was to have a straightforward working version with a REST-to-ORM feature. Consequences are, among others, that the configurability of the library could be a bit less limited. I plan to keep working on InfiRest to make it more mature, and ultimately, production ready.


  • Infi for offering the time for this project.
  • The authors and contributors of django-tastypie for making that great django app.
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