Created: 2012-03-23 02:55
Updated: 2016-08-15 09:55
License: gpl-2.0


A hosting platform for node.js application.


  • Support all node.js applications.
  • Support multi-instance for each application.
  • Support sandbox, stand-alone instance to isolate each application.
  • Auto-restart application when it crashes.
  • Support virtual host


  1. Download AppHouse from repository:

     git clone
  2. Install dependencies with NPM utility:

     npm install
  3. Start AppHouse as root:

     sudo node apphouse.js

    Note: AppHouse needs root permission to make safety sandbox with chroot

Application Deployment

There is no need modifying your application for AppHouse, just put your application on specific folder:

  1. Create a directory for new application:

     mkdir apps/myapp
  2. Put your application in the new place (using express to generate application for example):

     cd apps/myapp
     npm install express jade
  3. Restart AppHouse

    Note: AppHouse will run app.js in application folder.

Application Settings

You can modify apphouse.cfg in the application directory, it's formatted using JSON(JavaScript Object Notation).

Here is options:

  • domains : set domains for application. (An application can have multiple domain)


      domains: [ "", "" ]
  • instances : set number of instances for application. (Default: 1)

Management Tools

AppHouse doesn't have tools to manage applications and service, but we've created a new project to do this job: License

Licensed under the GPL-2.0 Authors

Copyright(c) 2012 Fred Chien <>


Copyright(c) 2012 Mandice Company. (

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