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The Little MongoDB Book is a free book introducing MongoDB.

The book was written shortly after the creation of the MongoDB interactive tutorial. As such, the two can be seen as complementary.

The book was written by Karl Seguin, with Perry Neal's assistance.

The Chinese version of this book is translated by Justin.Y.Huang. Many thanks to Karl's help.

If you liked this book, maybe you'll also like The Little Redis Book.


The book is freely distributed under the Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported license.


The book is written in markdown and converted to PDF using PanDoc. A few LaTex specific commands have been placed in the markdown file to help with pdf-generation (namely for the title page and to create page breaks between chapters).

The LaTex template makes use of Lena Herrmann's JavaScript highlighter.

Kindle and ePub format provided using PanDoc. Run make en/ to generate.

Generating the PDF

I use a variation of to generate the pdf:

#!/bin/sh paper=a4paper hmargin=3cm vmargin=3cm fontsize=11pt

monofont="Courier New"

markdown2pdf --xetex --template=template/xetex.template \
-V paper=$paper -V hmargin=$hmargin -V vmargin=$vmargin \
-V mainfont="$mainfont" -V sansfont="$sansfont" -V monofont="$monofont" \
-V geometry=$geometry -V columns=$columns -V fontsize=$fontsize \
-V nohyphenation=$nohyphenation --listings en/mongodb.markdown -o mongodb.pdf 

Title Image

A PSD of the title image is included. The font used is Comfortaa.

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