Created: 2012-03-22 23:25
Updated: 2014-01-01 12:23



This is a Web application which embeds an XMPP server and allows users to chat using a web browser. It's basically a test I did to explore the integration of XMPP in a web application.

It uses Vysper and Strophe.js

How to use it

  • Compile Web XMPP using mvn install

  • Deploy the generated web application in a Jetty web server (version 7.x). You can find the WAR in the target directory, once the compilation is finished.

  • Start the Jetty application server and go to the context root of the web application. If you deployed it using the web-xmpp context go to

  • Each tab that you will open to that page represent a user connecting to a multi-user chat.

  • The user name for each page is automatically generated. If you want to connect using a specific user name, you can do it by specifying the username parameter in the query string (e.g., connecting to

  • All the messages are sent by default to the group chat, thus, received by everyone connected at a given moment. If you want to send a private message to a user you can use the <- operator: if you write in the text area a message with the form username@web-xmpp <- msg this will send a private message to username@web-xmpp.

  • The server also opens a standard TCP port listening for connection. You can use you favourite XMPP client to connect to the server and participate to the group chat. The multi-user chat room is called web-xmpp.

Have fun.

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