Created: 2012-03-22 23:21
Updated: 2014-05-06 21:02

Group Event

This is a web application which helps groups to plan events. It is my project for the Ruby on rails course.


Week 6: Completed Project

  • Added models for invitations and rankings
  • Set permissions for creating events etc
  • Allowed event creator to invite users
  • Allowed users to suggest restaurants
  • Allowed users to rank restaurants
  • Added a logo, updated UI
  • Use pass:test for testing
  • Admin account: pass:test

Week 5:

  • Used formtastic gem for all forms
  • Used a partial to show events
  • Changed Application layout so it has navigation at the top
  • Created a footer partial

Week 4:

  • Added Authentication System
  • Adapted Authentication System so non-logged in users can see Events and Restaurants but cannot create or delete them
  • Added member route for rank action
  • Login using, pass:test

Week 3:

  • Added Validations on models
  • Added movie rake. Run by: bundle exec rake movies:gettop

Week 2:

  • Added models for user, restaurant, suggestion, and event
  • Added bootstrap gem, and integrated bootstrap

Week 1:

  • Started Project
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