Created: 2012-03-22 20:59
Updated: 2015-06-11 10:42
License: mit


Custom Colors in Oxid eShops Azure Theme made easy

Add as stand-alone theme (with azure as parent)

Clone this repository into your shops 'out' directory.

cd out
git clone git://github.com/1st8/oxid_azure_color.git

and select the 'Oxid Azure Custom Color' Theme in the Admin Area

Add to your already modified azure theme

Get the contents of the src directory and copy it to your theme. Add the two lines in your <head> section after the stylesheets (!)

    <link rel="stylesheet/less" type="text/css" href="/out/oxid_azure_color/src/less/main.less">
    <script type="text/javascript" src="/out/oxid_azure_color/src/js/less-1.2.1.min.js"></script>

Change the colors

edit the 'main.less' file and change the color values assigned to the variables.


You might want to add

    <script type="text/javascript">
      less = {env: 'development'}

before including less.js during development. It gives you nice error and status reports.


I recommend compiling the less File once and adding the resulting css to your page instead of the client side compilation

Demo (with ugly colors)



Feel free to fork this and implement additional features. Please Report places where I've missed a default color.


  • Find unobtrusive way to include the needed files (without shadowing base.tpl)
  • Implement more Color Variables
  • Replace Gradients with mixin
  • Allow non Gradient Backgrounds
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