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Q1 2012 Keynote And TechChat Resources

These are all the resources that we discussed during the Q12012 Keynote and TechChat webinars. Sample demos from the webinars are included in this repo. This readme file contains links to the relevant pages and documentation that were discussed during the main keynote and in the techchat that followed.

Keynote Webinar Recording

The Keynote Webinar is hosted on the Kendo UI YouTube Channel along with all the other Kendo UI related videos and screencasts.

Kendo UI Demos And Documentation

All demos for Kendo UI can be found on the Kendo UI site under the demos subdomain. Each demo has documentation on the second tab that changes with the current demo. Additionally, you can find all configuration options, events and methods, as well as a link to the documentation specific portion of the Kendo UI site.

Kendo UI Demos


Kendo UI Documentation


Sample Apps From Keynote And TechChat

The sample applications are contained here as submodules. The Playlist Editor is a Rails 3.1 Application. The Shoe Fodder example is in two parts. Part one, shoe-fodder is a Ruby & Sinatra application which shows off gauges and consumes data from part 2, "shoe-fodder-api", a Node application which uses the Express MVC Framework.

When you clone this repo, you will need to intialize the submodules which are the demo projects.

git clone git@github.com:telerik/Q12012TechChat.git
git submodule update --init

Text Editors Used In The Demos

Several questions were asked about what text editors were used for the Screencast. Brandon uses Sublime Text 2, and Burke uses TextMate.

Other Resources

KnockoutJS And Kendo UI - Ryan Niemeyer's project to create a complete set of bindings in KnockoutJS for Kendo UI.

Kendo UI ThemeBuilder - A link you can drag to your bookmark to customize the look of Kendo UI on your page. Exports results as LESS or CSS.

Kendo UI GitHub Examples - Examples for just about every dev platform including Rails, ASP.NET, Backbone and more.

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