Created: 2012-03-22 20:23
Updated: 2014-08-28 18:35

OpenStack Operators


This group is not sanctioned or affiliated with the official OpenStack project. We are just a bunch of operators who happen to have similar interests and opinions about how we want to run our Clouds.



We are opinioned and this group might not be for you, we assume:

  • Your using chef to manage your infastructure
  • You strictly want to use deb or rpm packages

If this does not sound like your flavor of koolaid perhaps you should check out:



We have a launchpad group, it is truely awesome:

Mailing List

Lauchpad is awesome and they provide us with a mailing list:


In IRC we lurk.

#openstack-chef freenode

Getting Started

Each cookbook used by the team is setup as an independant repository in github which is then included in the chef-repo repository as a submodule. Submodules are crazy but it was the most reasonable way we could come up with to organize this mess.

Working with the chef-repo

To get started you will want to:

git clone --recursive


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