Created: 2012-03-22 19:56
Updated: 2014-09-08 18:00

CS 392F Project 3

Model to Text Transformation

Team members:

Robert Berg (, Eric Huneke (, Amin Shali (, Joyce Ho (

Running the Tool

Our tool can generate the output text either in the command line or in Eclipse. Our tool takes in the following parameters:


[-cg ContextGeneratorClass] prolog-file template-file

For example:

$ java -jar release/vm2t.jar examples/Family2Person/ examples/Family2Person/Family2Person.vm

Runtime Requirements:

You need Java 1.6+ to run the project.

Importing project into Eclipse

In order to import the project into eclipse simply click on the following URL:

This will give you the latest version of the project in a zip file. In Eclipse go to File menu and select Import. From there, choose the Existing Projects into Workspace. Then select the Select archive file and finish by selecting the downloaded zip file and clicking on Finish button.

Note: Make sure your workspace Java Compiler Compliance is set to at least 1.6.

Note: This youtube video shows how to import the project into Eclipse:

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