Created: 2012-03-22 19:49
Updated: 2014-02-12 10:20

The Bland Framework: A light-weight Web-App Framework/Boilerplate

A flexible PHP-MVC framework with jquery, requirejs, mustache.js, and other plugins and utils for javascript on the front end.

General Goals for the project:

  1. Loose Coupling
    • limited or no singletons, globals, static methods, etc.
    • use dependency injection
    • single responsibility principle for classes
  2. High Testability
    • test suites for every class
    • avoid instantiation outside of factory classes
    • use PHPUnit for Test-driven Development
      • default phpunit cmd: /Applications/MAMP/bin/php5.3/bin/php ~/Sites/BlandFramework/The-Bland-Framework/tests/AppTests.php
  3. Well-Documented
    • DocBlocks for every class, property, method, and file
    • Follow conventions of PHPDocumentor
      • default phpdoc cmd: phpdoc -d /Users/andyperlitch/Sites/BlandFramework/The-Bland-Framework/ -t /Users/andyperlitch/Sites/BlandFramework/docs/ -ti 'The Bland Framework' -dn 'bland' -pp on

Stuff to change when creating new project

  1. Error Logging

    1. /system/classes/error.php
      • ERROR_NOTIFIER_NAME - name to appear from email sent upon urgent error
      • ERR_FROM_MAIL - email address that error msgs sent FROM
      • ERR_TO_MAIL - email address that error msgs sent TO
      • uncomment $e->SendMail(false); on line 48.
  2. Testing

    • adjust the include path for bootstrap.php file in AppTests.php
  3. Header Information

    1. change "Host" header to appropriate URL: system/classes/response.php, Response::__construct
  4. Config

    1. in the /app/config/application.php config file, change 'domain' keys to match your environment
  5. Absolute Path Constant

    1. For local development environment, change "localhost:8888" if not using MAMP/WAMP (or using them with another port)
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