Created: 2012-03-22 19:09
Updated: 2014-04-30 15:54
License: other

Database Management Application based on Codeigniter, GroceryCRUD, My_Controller, Duo Security 2 Step Authenication, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5Boilerplate.

  • Codeigniter 2.1.0
  • GroceryCRUD 1.2
  • Duo Security 2 Step Authentication
  • phpass 0.3
  • bootstrap 2.0.2
  • html5boilerplate 3.0.2
  • unique style css contains all bootstrap css (responsive and basic), ang global css for custom styles.
  • unique plugin js contains all bootstrap plugins.
  • view rendering handled by a smart MY_Controller.
  • jQuery 1.7.1
  • underscore.js 1.3.1
  • nav_helper
  • .htacces tip for remove index.php
  • basejs view always include in page. (usefull to access via js some server side information e.g. base_url())


  1. edit .htaccess file in order to match your server config (see line 5 in the file); if you have http://localhost/site you nedd to set RewriteBase /site/
  2. set up yor defaults values in application/config/development/custom.php
  3. pass your data to the view using in controller $this->data["my_var"] = "value";


  1. Configure Codeigniter in /application/config/config.php & /application/config/database.php
  2. Insert initial database provided into your MySQL database
  3. Goto to create your initial user.
  4. Delete the following files after you add your initial user: /application/controllers/install.php /application/models/install_model.php /application/views/pages/install.php
  5. Create an account with Duo Security at
  6. Replace values with your Duo Security keys in /application/controllers/home.php Values to replace: $ikey, $skey, $akey, and $data['host'] starting on line 59
  7. Add your keys again starting on line 88
  8. Goto to login with your intial Username and Password to begin your initial authentication
  9. If you followed the instructions you should see some sample data after you login
  10. Go have a beer!


is made for my basic page template. You need to customize it in order to match your needs. Feel free to improve it. Send a pull request, or contact me.

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