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Updated: 2014-01-26 23:09


pitch -- a concept promotion tool


Pitch is used to promote your concepts. Pitch is designed to allow you create a concept, promote your ideas and get funding through it's web interface.

We are making the source available, so you can run pitch to foster ideas inside your company.


Anything worth making is worth paying for. Pitch is your tool to get ideas noticed and funded. When you create a pitch take the time to describe your ideas, what value it has for the end user, what hurdles you must overcome to achieve your results and when you need funding by to have time to reach the market.

Creating a Pitch

Creating a Pitch is as simple as clicking the "Create Pitch" button. From there you will need to enter the following information:

  • Name
  • Pitch Details
  • Pitch Deadline
  • Delivery Date
  • Final Deliverable
  • Funding Goal
  • Collaberator Goal

Once you have entered all the information and you are confident you have what it takes to get funding select the "Submit Pitch" button.

Updating a Pitch

The update pitch button allows you give funders a summary of how the project is going and if any changes have occured in your project.

Canceling a Pitch

If for any reason your pitch is not longer valid, needed or wanted then you always have the option to cancel the pitch. Once a pitch is cancelled, then all existing backers will be notified.


There are many times when the market isn't ready for an idea or you have a way to make the idea better. If a pitch has expired or been cancelled you always have the ability to repitch an idea even if it wasn't originally yours.


Great ideas don't just happen, they need support. By supportig a project you get credit for seeing that great ideas happen.

Depending of the projects needs there are several ways that you can support a project. They are:

  • Monetary Funding
  • Project Collaberator
  • Liking a Pitch

Monetary Funding

Supplying money to a project is as simple as clicking the "Fund" button and specifying the ammount you'd like to contribute. If a pitch gets enough funding by it's funding deadline and fullfils it's collaberation goal then your investment will be put into active production.

Project Collaberator

It's easy to have a great idea, but often hard to find talent to complete it. If you have the skills needed and are interested in the project or if you have those types of resources at your disposal then by all means take this oppurtunity to shine. To become a project collaberator simply click the "Collaberate" button and select the role you or your team would play in the project.

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