Created: 2012-03-22 18:35
Updated: 2015-05-22 16:06
License: mit


An ain2 based Syslog transport for winston.


$ npm install --save winston
$ npm install --save winston-syslog-ain2


To use the Syslog transport in winston, you simply need to require it and then either add it to an existing winston logger or pass an instance to a new winston logger:

// Load winston
var winston = require('winston');

// Explain winston it should use syslog log-levels

// Load winston-syslog-ain2 module

// Setup the syslog-ain2 transport
winston.add(winston.transports.SyslogAin2, {
    tag       : process.title, // By default is __filename
    facility  : 'local1',      // By default is "user"
    address   : '',  // By default is
    hostname  : os.hostname(), // By default is require("os").hostname()
    port      : 514,           // Defaults to 514
    transport : 'UDP',         // Defaults to Transport.UDP

Options are passed through to ain2.

Log Levels

The Syslog transport will only log to the level that are available in the syslog protocol. These are (in increasing order of severity):

Code Keyword Description
0 emerg System is unusable.
1 alert Action must be taken immediately.
2 crit Critical conditions.
3 error Error conditions.
4 warning Warning conditions.
5 notice Normal but significant condition.
6 info Informational messages.
7 debug Debug-level messages.

Facility Levels

Facility Number Keyword Facility Description
0 kern kernel messages
1 user user-level messages
2 mail mail system
3 daemon system daemons
4 auth security/authorization messages
5 syslog messages generated internally by syslogd
6 lpr line printer subsystem
7 news network news subsystem
8 uucp UUCP subsystem
10 authpriv security/authorization messages
11 ftp FTP daemon
15 cron clock daemon
16 local0 local use 0 (local0)
17 local1 local use 1 (local1)
18 local2 local use 2 (local2)
19 local3 local use 3 (local3)
20 local4 local use 4 (local4)
21 local5 local use 5 (local5)
22 local6 local use 6 (local6)
23 local7 local use 7 (local7)
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