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CakeStrap v 0.7.1

CakeStrap is a bootstrap for CakePHP - HTML5 CakePHP2.x Bootstrap3.0!

Video tutorial ( Portuguese )

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  1. Responsive Web Design
  2. jQuery 1.10.2 Stable (NEW)
  3. Modernizr
  4. Twitter Bootstrap v3.0.0 (NEW)
  5. Multi-Language ( English and Portuguese )
  1. CakePHP 2.4.1 Security Authentication (NEW)
  2. Users CRUD
  3. Remember password with email send
  4. Automatic inclusion of javascript and css files depending of the current controller and action ( Tutorial below )
  1. Photos end videos gallery

Quick start

Manually Installation

  • Rename the app/Config/config.php.install file to app/Config/config.php and still in this file change the $config['Application']['status'] to true
  • Rename the app/Config/database.php.default file to app/Config/database.php and configure your database credentials
  • Create the users table in your database with this Schema:

Automatic inclusion of JS and CSS

CakeStrap has a JS and CSS folder structure allowing to automatic load files for each action of each controller. For example, if you have this JS structure folder:


This script will be automatic loaded when the user is in controller pages and in action home

The same structure exists for CSS files.


Currently cakeStrap supports two languages, English and Portuguese. To enable the Portuguese language as the main just add the following line in your app/Controllers/AppController.php at beforeFilter action:

Configure::write('Config.language', 'por');


Lee Graham created a easy way do deploy CakeStrap to OpenShift, check it out: cakeStrap Openshift

Questions / Bugs

Have a question or found a bug? Please create an issue [here][] on GitHub! [here]:

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